7th International Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) and Exhibition 2017, December 5th - 6th, 2017, Wuerzburg, Germany


The 7th International Electric Drives Production Conference offers an outstanding platform for the exchange of experiences for developers, researchers and potential users. The focus of the conference is set on the presentation of highly innovative products from various industries as well as manufacturing processes and strategies.




Innovative Electric Machine Design
Alternative electric motor topologies
Acoustic considerations
Efficient cooling techniques
New magnetic flux guide concepts
Influence on production processes



Electric Drive Production Systems
New automated production lines
Quality management methods
Global value chains
Lean production implementation
Computer-Integrated Manufacturing


Power Electronics and Control Methods
Energy-efficient semiconductor materials
Robust and heat-resistant electronics
Sensors and sensorless control technologies
Mechatronic integration approaches


Production of Alternative Drive Technologies
Piezo Electric Actuators
Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
Magnetostrictive actuators


New Materials and Semi-Finished Products
High performance electrical steel types
Cables, fishbones, enamelled and litz wires
Advanced insulation materials
Light weight materials for electric drives

Environmental Oriented Engineering
Recycling and disassembly of electric motors
Raw material availability and preservation
Energy-efficient production processes


Magnet Materials and Processing
Mining and alloy processing
High coercive magnetic materials processing
Soft magnetic composites manufacturing
Shortening of the process chain


New Applications for Electric Drives
Transportation and material handling
Mechanical and plant engineering
Household appliances
Energy generation


Manufacturing Technologies
Efficient wire processing methods
New sheet metal and coating processes
Advanced die casting processes
Productive cutting technologies


High volume production
Specific automotive requirements
Strategies for transition of added volume
Automotive drive systems


Winding Technologies
New kinematics and advanced tools
Filling factor optimization
New wire geometries and materials
Winding simulation and validation
Automated pull-in technologies


Current Trends and Theories of Electric Drives
Societal aspects of electric drive technologies
Additive mechatronics
Power and signal interconnection


Assembly Technologies
Innovative magnet assembly methods
Novel balancing methods
Mechanical and electrical connection
Final assembly and test


Energy Transfer for Electric Vehicles
High efficient power transfer technologies
Production and assembly technologies
System integration
Applications andmarkets


Electronics Production
Interconnecting technologies
Assembly and packaging technologies
New testing methods and quality assurance
Power electronics production processes






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