Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 10th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found by clicking on the title of the presentation.

Title of the presentation


Measuring the Hysteresis Curve of Not-Saturated, High-Coercive Permanent Magnets by Pulsed-Field-Magnetometer

H. Naumoski, M. Kilper and L. Van Bockstal

Prediction of the Joint Cross-Section of Laser-Welded Hairpin Windings Based on 2D Image Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks A. Mayr, L. Hauck, M. Meiners and J. Franke
Inline Testing Method Based On Paschen’s Law With Integrated Machine Learning For Hairpin Stator Production A. Kampker, S. Kawollek, P. Treichel, A. Kraus, M. Wendler and M. Linde
Development of a Cloud- and Edge-Architecture for adaptive model weight optimization of a CNN exemplified by optical detection of hairpin welding J. Vater, M. Kirschning, D. Scheurenberg, D. Abel and A. Knoll
Thermal design of an asynchronous machine within the project NeWwire M. Schröer, M. Ayeb and L. Brabetz
A study of the effects of the magnetization tolerance in the manufacturing process on permanent magnet synchronous machines S. Zarate, A. Egea, G. Almandoz, A. McCloskey, U. Galfarsoro and A. Urdangarin
Cognitive Power Electronics for Intelligent Drive Technology G. Roeder, X. Liu, M. Hofmann, M. Schellenberger, F. Hilpert and M. März
An Advanced Policy Gradient Based Vector Control of PMSM for EV Application S. Bhattacharjee, S. Halder, A. Balamurali, M. Towhidi, L. V. Iyer and N. C. Kar
Development of an alternative Round Wire Process Chain: Automated Trickle Winding F. Sell-Le Blanc et al.
Development and Implementation of a Compact Winding Process M. Halwas, P. Ambs, F. S. -L. Blanc, L. Weiße, J. Hofmann and J. Fleischer
Elimination of Current Harmonics in Electrical Machines with Iterative Learning Control A. Mai, B. Wagner and F. Streit
Influence of Static Eccentricities on Performance and Control of Dual Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines D. Keller, A. Karayel, H. Naumoski and N. Parspour
Opportunities of Model-Based Production-Oriented Design of Stators with Hairpin Winding L. Hausmann, F. Wirth and J. Fleischer
Efficient Method for Simulation of AC Losses in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines S. Silber, B. Klammer and K. Kaspar
A Comprehensive Review of State-of-the-Art Maximum Torque per Ampere Strategies for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Z. Li, D. O’Donnell, W. Li, P. Song, A. Balamurali and N. C. Kar
An Overview of Noise-Vibration-Harshness Analysis for Induction Machines and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines P. Song, W. Li, S. Mukundan and N. C. Kar
Electromagnetic assessment of welding processes for packaging of electrical sheets D. Ukwungwu et al.
Design Concept of a Wound Field Transverse Flux Machine using Soft Magnetic Composite Claw-Poles L. Rabenstein, A. Dietz and N. Parspour
Efficiency Deficits and Solution Principles of Requirements Management for Hairpin Stator Production Ramp-up by Early Prototypes A. Kampker, S. Kawollek, P. Treichel and S. Shah
Economical production of conically shaped concentrated windings using forming technology for use in wheel hub engines D. Petrell, M. Teller, G. Hirt, S. Börzel and W. Schäfer
High Torque Density Low Voltage Traction Drives with Preformed Coils: Evaluation of Operating Limitations F. Pauli, B. Groschup, M. Schröder and K. Hameyer
Correlation between Residual Stress, Building Angle and Illumination Parameters of Additive Manufactured FeSi6.5 and Mechanical and Magnetic Properties N. Urban, J. Detrois and J. Franke
Additive manufacturing technologies for next-generation powertrains P. Fiedler et al.
Optimization of Direct Winding Processes Based on a Holistic Control Approach A. Lomakin, A. Mayr, K. Graichen and J. Franke
Integration of Forming Manufacturing Technology into the Component Production of Innovative Electric Motor Concepts M. Bach, A. Babl and D. Gerling
New Production Techniques for Electric Motors in High Performance Lightweight Applications P. Ruhland, A. Matveev, K. Nielsen, K. Kvinnesland, S. Coutandin and J. Fleischer
Optimized Manufacturing Process and Modelling of Squirrel-Cage Induction Machines with Copper Cage and Axially Segmented End Rings for High-Speed Applications P. Harnisch et al.
Innovative signal and power connection solutions for alternative powertrain concepts S. Fröhlig et al.
Predicting the Quality of High-power Connector Joints with Different Machine Learning Methods E. Birgit Schwarz, F. Bleier and J. -P. Bergmann
Towards an Inline Quality Monitoring for Crimping Processes Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques M. Meiners, A. Mayr, M. Kuhn, B. Raab and J. Franke
Review and Enhancements of Rotor Designs for High Speed Synchronous Reluctance Machines L. Hausmann et al.
A Systematic Approach to Inspection Planning in Agile Process Development of Hairpin Stator Production A. Kampker, S. Kawollek, P. Treichel and M. Wendler
Deep learning-based automated optical inspection system for crimp connections H. G. Nguyen, M. Meiners, L. Schmidt and J. Franke
Real-Time Inference of Neural Networks on FPGAs for Motor Control Applications T. Schindler and A. Dietza
Sensing machine elements as enablers of comprehensive digitization – A review B. Kraus, M. Neu and E. Kirchner