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On this page we have collected all presentations that have been published at the International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC) in recent years.


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 8th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.

Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
A Comparative Analysis of Different Double-Stage Magnetic Gear Transmission Systems with High Gear RatioA. Floris, A. Serpi, M. Porru, A. Damiano
Morphology of Testing Technology and Selection Advice for Automotive Process Qualification of Electric Motor ProductionA. Kampker, B. Dorn, K. Kreisköther, F. Jakob, M. K. Büning
Technological and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of Electric Powertrain Concepts for Long-Haul Transport in Comparison to Traditional Powertrain ConceptsA. Kampker, K. Krcisköther, M. K. Büning, J. G. Dorantes Gómez
Exhaustive Data- and Problem-Driven use Case Identification and Implementation for Electric Drive ProductionA. Kampker, K. Kreisköther, M. K. Büning, T. Möller, S. Windau
Ex-Ante Process-FMEA for Hairpin Stator Production by Early Prototypical Production ConceptsA. Kampker, P. Treichel, K. D. Kreisköther, M. Krebs, M. K. Büning
Alternative Fabrication Strategies for the Production of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Enhanced Performance CharacteristicsA. Kampker, P. Treichel, K. Kreisköther, R. Pandey, M. K. Büning, T. Backes
Evaluation of an Integral Injection Molded Housing for High Power Density Synchronous Machines with Concentrated Single-Tooth WindingA. Langheck, S. Reuter, O. Saburow, R. Maertens, F. Wittemann, L. F. Berg, M. Doppelbauer
Evaluation of Machine Learning for Quality Monitoring of Laser Welding Using the Example of the Contacting of Hairpin WindingsA. Mayr, B. Lutz, M. Weigelt, T. Gläßel, D. Kißkalt, M. Masuch, A. Riedel, J. Franke
Electric Motor Production 4.0 – Application Potentials of Industry 4.0 Technologies in the Manufacturing of Electric MotorsA. Mayr, M. Weigelt, J. von Lindenfels, J. Seefried, M. Ziegler, A. Mahr, N. Urban, A. Kühl, F. Hüttel, J. Franke
Manufacturing Imperfections in Electric Motor Production with Focus on Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Rotor AssemblyA. Meyer, J. von Lindenfels, A. Mayr, J. Franke
Comparison of Performance and Manufacturing Aspects of an Insert Winding and a Hairpin Winding for an Automotive Machine ApplicationC. Du-Bar, A. Mann, O. Wallmark, M. Werke
Towards a Data-Driven Process Monitoring for Machining Operations Using the Example of Electric Drive ProductionD. Kißkalt, A. Mayr, J. von Lindenfels, J. Franke
FE-Based Simulation of Hairpin Shaping Processes for Traction DrivesF. Wirth, T. Kirgör, J. Hofmann, J. Fleischer
Robustness Evaluation of a Sensorless Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor with a Kalman Filter & a Luenberger ObserverG. B. Mariani, N. Voyer
Optimization of the Linear Coil Winding Process by Combining New Actuator Principles on the Basis of Wire Forming AnalysisJ. Hofmann, A. Komodromos, J. Fleischer, A. E. Tekkaya
Requirements for Volume Flexibility and Changeability in the Production of Electrified PowertrainsJ. Niemann, C. Eckermann, A. Schlegel, T. Büttner, J. Stoldt, M. Putz
Cost-Efficient Selection of Stamping Machines for Lamination Production in the Electric Traction Motor ApplicationJ. Zhang, D. Spath, Y. He, A. Boronka
Systematic Development and Comparison of Concepts for an Automated Series-Flexible Trickle Winding ProcessM. Halwas, P. Ambs, M. Marsetz, C. Baier, W. Schigal, J. Hofmann, J. Fleischer
Influence of Hysteresis and Eddy Current Losses on Electric Drive Energy Balance in Driving Cycle OperationM. Kitzberger, G. Bramerdorfer, S. Silber, H. Mitterhofer, W. Amrhein
Simulation-Assisted Method for Evaluating Innovative Production Technologies for Electric Traction MotorsM. Metzner, B. Bickel, A. Mayr, J. Franke
Influence of the Constitutive Contact Law on the Anisotropic Material Parameters of Sheet-Layered Lamination StacksM. V. Baloglu, K. Willner
Techno-Economic Evaluation of Strategic Solutions to Extend the Range of Electric VehiclesM. Weigelt, A. Mayr, M. Masuch, K. Batz, J. Franke, P. M. Bican, A. Brem, J. Russer, P. Russer
Potentials of the Rotary Cutting Process for Electrical Steel StripM. Ziegler, M. Schneider, M. Hubert, J. Franke
Additive Manufacturing of Neodymium-Iron-Boron Permanent MagnetsN. Urban, A. Kühl, M. Glauche, J. Franke
High Frequency Modelling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachineN. Voyer, G. Bueno-Mariani, A. Besri, V. Quemener, Y. Okamoto, A. Satake
High Frequency Modelling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachineN. Voyer, G. Bueno-Mariani, A. Besri, V. Quemener, Y. Okamoto, A. Satake
Current Ripples in Classical Predictive and Modified Dead-Beat Controller for PM Synchronous Motors-Analysis and Experimetal ResultsR. Piotuch
Reducing Development Time of Electric Machines with SyMSpaceS. Silber, W. Koppelstätter, G. Weidenholzer, G. Segon, G. Bramerdorfer
Design of Printed Circuit Board Coils for Precision Engineering Linear Direct DrivesS. Strohmeyr, W. Schinköthe, S. Gadegast
High Performance Fan Drive for a Suction ExcavatorT. Heidrich, A. Möckel
Intelligent Rotor Assembly Enabling Positive Balancing Concepts for High-Performance Permanent Magnet RotorsW. Wößner, J. Stoll, M. O. Flammer, P. Wurster, M. Peter, J. Fleischer


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 7th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.

Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
Experimental engineering for electric drive production planningA. Kampker, K. Kreisköther, M. K. Büning
Automotive quality requirements and process capability in the production of electric motorsA. Kampker, K. Kreisköther, M. K. Büning, P. Treichel, J. Theelen
Development of forming and product properties of copper wire in a linear coil winding processA. Komodromos, C. Löbbe, A. E. Tekkaya
Development of a control system for a universal winding machine based on virtual path planningA. Mahr, M. Wurm, B. Bickel, J. Franke, H. Halder
Potentials of machine learning in electric drives production using the example of contacting processes and selective magnet assemblyA. Mayr, A. Meyer, J. Seefried, M. Weigelt, B. Lutz, D. Sultani, M. Hampl, J. Franke
Concept for an integrated product and process development of electric drives using a knowledge-based systemA. Mayr, A. Meyer, P. Gönnheimer, J. Gramlich, M. Reiser, J. Franke
Selective magnet assembly assisted by an automated warehouse system: Algorithms performance and industry 4.0 readynessA. Meyer, A. Mayr, N. Malygin, Y. Zhang, J. Franke
High performance position control of permanent magnet synchronous drivesA. Pesántez, L. Neves, R. Sempértegui
Compensation of torque ripples in permanent magnet synchronous machines up to the field weakening rangeA. Schramm, E. Sworowski, J. Roth-Stielow
Design manufacturing and optimization of PM-SMC motorsB. Ma, G. Lei, J. Zhu
Data analysis and error detection in assembly lines using a three-dimensional visualization techniqueC. Sand, P. Schuh, T. Lechler, J. Franke
Design criteria for ferrite-based high-speed permanent magnet synchronous machinesG. Fois, A. Floris, A. Serpi, M. Porru, A. Damiano
Automated generation of human-machine interfaces in electric drives manufacturingH. Fleischmann, M. Brossog, M. Beck, J. Franke
Model based optimization of commutation for a linear hybrid stepper motorH. Weiß, M. Peterseim
A system for wireless inductive power supply of electric vehicles while driving along the routeJ. A. Russer, M. Haider, M. Weigelt, M. Becherer, S. Kahlert, C. Merz, M. Hoja, J. Franke, P. Russer
Investigations on the tensile force at the multi-wire needle winding processJ. Hofmann, B. Bold, C. Baum, J. Fleischer
Static and cyclic mechanical loads inside the rotor lamination of high-speed PMSMJ. Karthaus, K. Hameyer
Evaluation of monitoring approaches for the ultrasonic crimping process of tubular cable lugsJ. Seefried, T. Gläßel, M. Zürn, J. Franke
Tolerance induced rotor protrusion and resulting torque fluctuation of a synchronous machineM. Balluff, H. Naumoski, K. Hameyer
Highly flexible needle winding kinematics for traction stators based on a standard industrial robotM. Gerngroß, P. Herrmann, C. Westermaier, C. Endisch
Relation of joining parameters of stator core production and iron lossM. Schneider, N. Urban, J. Franke
Potentials of an explicit finite element analysis of the bending processes for coated copper wiresM. Weigelt, A. Riedel, M. Masuch, A. Mahr, T. Gläßel, J. Franke
Analysis of a novel laser welding strategy for electrical steel laminationsN. Leuning, S. Steentjes, K. Hameyer, B. Gerhards, U. Reisgen
Influences of process parameters on rare earth magnets produced by laser beam meltingN. Urban, F. Huber, J. Franke
Thermographic method for measuring iron losses and localized loss densityO. Osemwinyen, S. B. Shah, A. Arkkio
Automated contacting technology for needle winding applications with distributed windingsP. Herrmann, M. Gerngroß, C. Endisch, P. Stenzel, P. Uhlmann
Dual three-phase machine modeling and control including saturation rotor position dependency and reduction of low current harmonicsP. Hollstegge, D. Keller, R. W. De Doncker
Crack detection in PM-rotors using magnetic field measurement and data processingS. Abersfelder, A. Meyer, A. Heyder, M. Herzog, J. Franke, M. Brela
Challenges in the manufacturing of hairpin windings and application opportunities of infrared lasers for the contacting processT. Glaessel, J. Seefried, J. Franke


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 6th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.

Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
Modelling and design of PM retention sleeves for High-Speed PM Synchronous MachinesA. Damiano, A. Floris, G. Fois, M. Porru, A. Serpi
Magnetic stray field measurement of magnetic specimenA. Heyder, M. Tenner, A. Meyer, S. Abersfelder, J. Franke
Comparison analysis of the magnetic field and the magnetic force inside of an electromagnetic actuator with the use of an armature measuring sensorA. Heyder, T. Losch, A. Meyer, S. Abersfelder, J. Franke
Methods for hysteresis losses determinations at non-standard ring core geometries equivalent to Epstein measurementsA. Kahveci, P. Szary, F. Herget, A. K. Putri, K. Hameyer
Thin-walled injection molding for slot insulation of long stator sheet stacksA. Kampker, K. Kreisköther, M. K. Büning, M. Adam
Influences of separation and joining processes on single tooth laminated stacksA. Kraemer, M. Veigel, P. Pontner, M. Doppelbauer, G. Lanza
Increasing the energy efficiency of the impulse magnetizing processA. Meyer, C. Nolte, C. Fischer, A. Sauerhöfer, J. Franke
Optimized electromagnetic and manufacturing design for a BLDC-motor substituting rare earth magnetsA. Neubauer, K. Fritsch, A. Elsässer
Theoretical benefits of powder-coating based insulation layers regarding copper fill factor in electric drivesB. Hofmann, B. Bickel, P. Bräuer, M. Leder, J. Franke
In-line strategies and methods to reduce balancing efforts within rotor production for electric drivesB. Hofmann, M. Masuch, P. Kümmeth, J. Franke, P. Frey, M. Merklein
Assessing the market of light electric vehicles as a potential application for electric in-wheel drivesC. Sachs, S. Burandt, S. Mandelj, R. Mutter
Holistic production analysis for actuator manufacturing using data miningC. Sand, K. Bogus, S. Kunz, J. Franke
Concept for a virtual process data linkage of assembly stations and a dynamic envelope curve for process monitoringC. Sand, M. Meiners, J. Daberkow, J. Franke
Towards an inline quick reaction system for actuator manufacturing using data miningC. Sand, S. Kunz, H. Hubbert, J. Franke
Model-based characterization of permanent magnets with a 3D Hall-Sensor arrayD. Cichon, R. Psiuk
BLDC-motor production process surveillance based on parameter identification methodF. Hillenbrand, M. Riedel
Robust design optimization of electrical machines and drive systems for high quality mass productionG. Lei, J. Zhu, C. Liu, B. Ma
Influence of axial mechanical stress on the magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steelG. von Pfingsten, K. Hameyer, D. Paul
Distributed condition monitoring systems in electric drives manufacturingH. Fleischmann, S. Spreng, J. Kohl, D. Kißkalt, J. Franke
Planning approach for a changeable multi model assembly systemJ. Fisel, G. Lanza
Experimental and numerical analysis of the modal behavior of squirrel cage rotorsJ. Großhauser
Simulation of the assembly process of the insert technique for distributed windingsJ. Hofmann, F. S. Blanc, M. Krause, F. Wirth, J. Fleischer
Effect of stress relief annealing temperature and atmosphere on the microstructure and magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steelsJune-Soo Park, Jong-Tae Park
A modified power electronic converter topology for stand-alone photovoltaic power generation systemKaleeswari M Madheswaran M. Binshad T Vijayakumar K.
Electric powertrain for helicopter tail rotorL. Castellini, M. D'Andrea, M. Villani
Improved calculation of iron losses in large salient-pole synchronous hydro-generatorsL. Vandenbossche, S. Jacobs, T. Lugand, A. Schwery
Sensitivity analysis on tolerance induced torque fluctuation of a synchronous machineM. Balluff, H. Naumoski, K. Hameyer
Analysis of the rotary cutting process of electrical steel on basis of a toroidal core test<M. Hubert, M. Ziegler, S. Kutter, M. Schneider, M. Weigelt, J. Franke, J. Hackert, M. Mehlhorn
Design and construction of a permanent magnet excited Flux-Switching-MachineM. Lehr, A. Binder, E. Ohl
Influence of cutting edge on core loss induced through various manufacturing parametersM. Schneider, M. Hubert, J. Franke
Numerical homogenization and simulation of a lamination stackM. V. Baloglu, K. Willner
Enrichment and context-based analytics of Electric Vehicle charging transaction dataM. von Hoffen
The influence of geometrical deviations of electrical machine systems on the signal quality of the variable reluctance resolverN. Neidig, Q. Werner, M. Balluff, H. Naumoski, M. Doppelbauer
Single-seater vehicle prototype experiment powered by high frequency electric field on an asphalt-paved roadwayN. Sakai, D. Itokazu, Y. Suzuki, S. Sakihara, T. Ohira
Optimization algorithms for maximizing the slot filling factor of technically feasible slot geometries and winding layoutsP. Herrmann, P. Stenzel, U. Vögele, C. Endisch
Prediction of electric motor performance by in-line testing of permanent excited rotorsS. Abersfelder, A. Meyer, A. Heyder, M. Thanner, J. Franke
The Least Energy Demand Method as unique tool to evaluate and rate the energy efficiency of the electric drives productionS. Kreitlein, M. Spahr, M. Utz, J. Franke
Additive Manufacturing of a lightweight rotor for a permanent magnet synchronous machineS. Lammers, G. Adam, H. J. Schmid, R. Mrozek, R. Oberacker, M. J. Hoffmann, F. Quattrone, B. Ponick
Quantification of the influence of varying electrode shapes and materials on the thermo-crimping process of standardized tubular cable lugsS. Spreng, T. Glaessel, J. Muselmann, M. Wörrlein, J. Franke
Eddy current loss analysis in permanent magnets of synchronous machinesT. Gerlach, R. Steckel, T. Hubert, A. Kremser
Laser Beam Melting of NdFeB for the production of rare-earth magnetsT. Kolb, F. Huber, B. Akbulut, C. Donocik, N. Urban, D. Maurer, J. Franke
Control of synchronous reluctance motors without encoder for industrial applicationsT. Weigel
Developing ultra premium efficiency (IE5 class) magnet-free synchronous reluctance motorV. Dmitrievskii, V. Prakht, V. Kazakbaev, S. Oshurbekov, I. Sokolov
High speed flux reversal motor for power toolV. Prakht, V. Dmitrievskii, V. Klimarev, D. Askerov
Analytic model of structural effects in toroid cores with rectangular cross sectionW. Hauser, M. Albach


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 5th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.


Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
Return on engineering: Design to cost for electric engine productionA. Kampker, C. Deutskens, K. Kreisköther, M. K. Büning, M. Kuhn
Analysis of wear behavior of stamping tools in the production of electrical steel sheetsA. Kraemer, J. Stoll, D. Blickle, G. Lanza, B. Boeker
Innovative developments for automated assembly and fixation of integrated permanent magnets in rotors of synchronous machinesA. Mahr, A. Meyer, B. Hofmann, M. Masuch, J. Franke
Fully automated rotor inspection apparatus with high flexibility for permanent magnet synchronous motors using an improved hall sensor line arrayA. Meyer, A. Heyder, M. Brela, N. Urban, J. Sparrer, J. Franke
Pattern recognition in load profiles of electric drives in manufacturing plantsA. Reger, C. Oette, A. P. Aires, R. Steinhilper
Design and implementation of a novel model predictive control algorithm for Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachinesA. Serpi, M. Porru, I. Marongiu
PWM strategy for common-mode voltage reduction in three-phase variable-speed drives with active front endA. Videt, M. Messaoudi, N. Idir, H. Boulharts, H. Vang
Implementation of the needle winding technique for diamond coilsB. Bickel, A. Mahr, A. Kühl, J. Franke, S. Meixner, E. Berendt, A. Riedel
A universal analysis tool for process- and energy-optimization of insulation processes in the production of electric drivesB. Hofmann, J. Hirschbrunn, M. Buchfelner, J. Franke
Worker information system to support during complex and exhausting assembly of high-voltage harnessC. Fischer, J. Bönig, J. Franke, M. LuÅ¡ić, R. Hornfeck
Economic evaluation of a modular production system for electric traction motorsC. Sachs, F. Herrmann, A. Butov, A. Verl
Synchronous reluctance motors with and without permanent magnets for high performance low cost electrical drivesE. S. Calvo, D. Potoradi
Influence of punch edges on the self-sensing capabilities of permanent magnet synchronous machines with different rotor topologiesF. Quattrone, B. Ponick, T. Fricke
Analysis of wire tension control principles for highly dynamic applications in coil winding: Investigation of new tension control devices for noncicurlar orthocyclic coilsF. S. Blanc, J. Fleischer, M. Schmitt, M. Unger, J. Hagedorn
Influence of production uncertainties and operational conditions on torque characteristic of an induction machineG. V. Pfingsten, M. Hombitzer, K. Hameyer
Investigation of the influence of global stresses and strains on the magnetic properties of electrical steels with varying alloying content and grain sizeH. Naumoski, A. Maucher, U. Herr
Simulation of orthocyclic windings using the linear winding techniqueJ. Bönig, B. Bickel, M. Spahr, C. Fischer, J. Franke
Hardware guide winding and hot wire windingJ. Zerbe, C. Dinca, U. Schäfer
Comparison of magnetic couplers for inductive electric vehicle charging using accurate numerical simulation and statistical methodsK. Knaisch, P. Gratzfeld
The societal acceptance of private electro mobility in Germany and its perception by consumers: An empirical analysis of the status quo and the medium-term future expectationsK. Mühlbäck, T. Hendrikx
6D magnetic field distribution measurements of permanent magnets with magnetic field camera scannerK. Vervaeke
Design of an innovative backlash-free drive system for rotation tablesL. Koval, S. Ritzer, T. Suchandt, C. Dütsch, R. Mayer
Rotary cutting as an alternative method in the processing of electrical steel strip: Geometric and kinematic determination of the process setupM. Hubert, H. Rosenow, J. Franke, J. Hackert
Optimized magnet assembly algorithms for reduced rotor unbalance: New rotor balancing strategy by measuring the weight of each magnet and placing it according to an algorithmM. Peter, J. Fleischer
Resonant method for the measurement of quality of laminated coresM. Schneider, J. Franke
New FPGA-based and inline-capable measuring method for the identification of magnetic losses in electrical steelM. Veigel, P. Winzer, J. Richter, M. Doppelbauer
Modeling and power flow analysis of cascaded doubly-fed induction machinesP. Löhdefink, A. Dietz, A. Möckel
Compact 7 kW inductive charging system with circular coil designP. Schumann, T. Diekhans, O. Blum, U. Brenner, A. Henkel
Impact of the needle winding technology on the operational behavior of an asynchronous machineP. Stenzel, J. Richnow, J. Franke, C. Endisch
Optimization of a servo motor manufacturing value stream by use of Industrie 4.0 €S. Abersfelder, A. Heyder, J. Franke
Numerical 2D methodology for synchronous reluctance motor rotor designS. Armentia, G. Ugalde, J. Poza, A. J. Escalada
Design of high performance induction motor through multi objective and multi domain optimizationS. Ghosh, H. Memane, M. Karpe, R. Birajdar, V. K. Yadav, V. Mukherjee
Integration of electronic power components for electromobilityS. Groß, K. Beart, T. Schmidt, B. Schuch
Comparative study between induction motor and Synchronous Reluctance Motor for electrical railway traction applicationsS. M. de Pancorbo, G. Ugalde, J. Poza, A. Egea
Evaluation of the influence of varying electrode materials within the thermo-crimping processS. Spreng, T. Gläßel, S. Hoetzel, H. Schaefer, D. Wunder, J. Franke
Effects of twisted windings on the impedance of e-traction drivesS. Vogt, S. Kraller, W. Volk
Compact machine design of an integrated multiphase VPMSMT. Grosse, D. Franck, N. Conzelmann, K. Hameyer, D. Paul, C. Haenelt, A. Stapelmann
Torque ripple minimization of reluctance synchronous machines by continuous and discrete rotor skewingT. Hubert, M. Reinlein, A. Kremser, H. Herzog
Energy transfer for electric trafficT. Kurczveil
A novel interior permanent synchronous motor for a high end ebike drive chainV. V. Haerri, M. Lindegger, M. Neumaier
Investigation on the mechanical and electromagnetical performance of a squirrel cage induction machine with radially laser welded end ring connectionsV. Voggeser, M. Wolf, T. Schuhmann, J. Liebold


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 4th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.


Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
Comparison of end of line tests for serial production of electric motors in hybrid truck applicationsA. Butov, A. Verl
Standardization and innovation: Dissolving the contradiction with modular production architecturesA. Kampker, A. Maue, C. Deutskens, R. Förstmann
Selection of transformable production technologies as a reaction on a varying demand of electric traction motorsA. Kampker, C. Deutskens, K. Kreisköther, C. Reinders
Optimized winding and connection concept for an integrated BLDC-motor driveA. Neubauer, S. Heinrich, P. Wieske, A. Elsäßer
Analyzing the active power of variable frequency drives in manufacturing plantsA. Reger, M. Hamacher, J. Böhner, T. Kestler, R. Steinhilper
Optimizing production plants with variable frequency drivesA. Reger, M. Hamacher, J. Böhner, T. Kestler, R. Steinhilper
Heat transfer analysis of a traction machine with directly cooled laminated windingsA. Reinap, F. J. Márquez-Fernández, R. Andersson, C. Högmark, M. Alaküla, A. Göransson
Calculation of ohmic losses in litz wires by coupling analytical and numerical methodsA. Roßkopf, C. Joffe, E. Bär
Innovative and energy-efficient insulation technology for the production of electric drivesB. Hofmann, S. Spreng, J. Franke, B. Maryniak
Electric operability of an inductive charging system for electric vehicles in an urban areaD. Borrmann
Defect reduction in the production of electric drives by downstream compensation and space-resolved inspectionD. Coupek, A. Verl, A. Lechler, J. Aichele, S. Junker
Loss model and control stability of bidirectional LCL-IPT systemD. Voglitsis, T. TodorÄeviá, V. Prasanth, P. Bauer
Annealing of electrical steelE. J. Hilinski, G. H. Johnston
Wireless underground power supply for trolley buses and transferability to other vehicle categoriesE. Pucher, A. Lengheim, C. Luger, C. Vana
Modular integration of a 1200 v SiC inverter in a commercial vehicle wheel-hub drivetrainF. Hilpert, K. Brinkfeldt, S. Arenz
Optimization approach of Wireless Power Transfer systems for electric vehicles from a process and material perspectiveF. Risch, S. Kraner, M. Schneider, J. Franke
Fault analysis of linear winding processes for noncircular orthocyclic coils: Investigation of winding scheme dependencies within the winding process developmentF. S. Blanc, J. Fleischer, S. Sautter, T. Delzs, J. Hagedorn
Conductive feeding of electric vehicles from the road while drivingG. Asplund, B. Rehman
Cost estimation of electric traction machine and gearbox for a hybrid vehicle applicationG. D. Olavarria, A. Reinap, M. Alaküla
New methods for reducing the cogging torque and torque ripples of PMSMG. Dajaku, D. Gerling
Wired and wireless charging of electric vehicles: A system approachG. Lempidis, Y. Zhang, M. Jung, R. Marklein, S. Sotiriou, Y. Ma
Magneto-optical and field-metric evaluation of the punching effect on magnetic properties of electrical steels with varying alloying content and grain sizeH. Naumoski, A. Maucher, L. Vandenbossche, S. Jacobs, U. Herr, X. Chassang
Simultaneous contact less charging of multiple electric vehicles: Contact less power and data transfer for multiple distributed loadsH. Schmidt, A. Fuchs, S. Fuchs
Sensorless observer based hysteresis control of a transverse flux machine at low speedJ. Bauer, A. Kleimaier
Investigation of the segment order in step-skewed synchronous machines on noise and vibrationJ. Blum, J. Merwerth, H. Herzog
Explicit dynamics process simulation of linear coil winding for electric drives productionJ. Bönig B. Bickel M. Spahr C. Fischer J. Franke
Minimization of energy needs in the industry of electric drives manufacturing considering process-related temperature curvesJ. Kohl, S. Spreng, B. Hofmann, J. Franke
Influence of different impregnation methods and resins on thermal behavior and lifetime of electrical statorsJ. Richnow, P. Stenzel, A. Renner, D. Gerling, C. Endisch
Throughput analysis and simulation-based improvement of baked varnish stacking for automotive electric drivesJ. Stoll, B. Kemper, G. Lanza
Influences of the design and production on the characteristic properties of multipolar bonded magnetsK. H. Kurth, D. Drummer
3-Axis magnetic field camera for ultrafast and high resolution inspection of permanent magnetsK. Vervaeke
Determination of the prospective energy consumption of manufacturing technologies with methods-energy measurement (MEM)M. Bornschlegl, S. Spreng, S. Kreitlein, M. Bregulla, J. Frankel
A model to assess the sustainability of manufacturing equipment using the example of a reusable frequency converter housingM. Drechsel, M. Bornschlegl, A. Dornhöfer, S. Spreng, R. Mackert, J. Franke
Cast coils for electrical machines and their application in automotive and industrial drive systemsM. Gröninger, F. Horch, A. Kock, M. Jakob, B. Ponick
Bi-directional charging system for electric vehicles: A V2G concept for charging and discharging electric vehiclesM. Hofmann, M. Schäfer, A. Ackva
Continuous rotational cutting of laminations for electric drives: Cutting process and tool setups for rotational cutting of laminationsM. Hubert, J. Franke, J. Hackert
Hysteresis-model oriented test procedure for soft-magnetic properties of printed or laminated toroidsM. Lindner, R. Werner
Simulation of thin-walled injection molded magnetsM. Nguyen, W. Schinköthe
Rotor balancing by optimized magnet positioning during algorithm-controlled assembly process: Selection and assembly of rotor components minimizing the unbalanceM. Peter, J. Fleischer
Active controllable and flexible winding needle an option to reduce the complexity of needle winding machines and the stress on enameled wireM. Schneider, B. Bickel, F. Risch, J. Franke
Design of a 3 kW primary power supply unit for inductive charging systems optimized for the compatibility to receiving units with 20 kw rated powerM. Zimmer, J. Heinrich, N. Parspour
Grid-side control of inverters for power generation in microgridsN. Benesch, L. Namyslo
Highly integrated drivetrain solution: Integration of motor inverter and gearingP. Brockerhoff, Y. Burkhardt, K. Egger, H. Rauh
Statistical interfaces for production of a permanent magnet based rotorP. Fyhr, J. Ståhl, M. Andersson
High efficient compact vehicle power electronics for 22kW inductive chargingP. Schumann, O. Blum, J. Eckhardt, A. Henkel
Design and measurement of a laminated permanent magnet excited transverse flux machine for electrical vehiclesP. Seibold, F. Schuller, M. Beez, N. Parspour
Needle winding for distributed round-wire-windings without the use of insulation disksP. Stenzel, P. Dollinger, D. Mihajlovic, J. Richnow, J. Franke, C. Endisch
Automatic tuning concept for a three-phase inductive power transfer systemR. Arnold, P. Gratzfeld
Laser manufacturing of electrical machinesR. Siebert, R. Baumann, E. Beyer, P. Herwig, A. Wetzig
Metallurgical solutions for new top performance non-oriented electrical steel for coresS. Jacobs, T. Van De Putte, W. Saikaly, X. Chassang
E|Benchmark — A pioneering method for process planning and sustainable manufacturing strategies for processes in the electric drives productionS. Kreitlein, A. Meyer, J. Franke
Evaluation of energy efficient joining processes in the field of electric drives manufacturing considering quality aspectsS. Spreng, F. Risch, T. Gläßel, J. Wolff, J. Franke
On the effect of material processing: microstructural and magnetic properties of electrical steel sheetsS. Steentjes, D. Franck, K. Hameyer, S. Vogt, M. Bednarz, W. Volk, J. Dierdorf, G. Hirt, V. Schnabel, H. N. Mathur, S. Korte-Kerzel
Magnetic field emission comparison at different quality factors with series-parallel compensation network for wireless power transfer to vehiclesT. Batra, E. Schaltz
Active control of gear pair vibration with an electronically commutated motor as actuatorT. Benzel, H. A. Möckel
A systematic comparison of hard- and soft-switching topologies for inductive power transfer systemsT. Diekhans, F. Stewing, G. Engelmann, H. van Hoek, R. W. De Doncker
Laser welding of electrical steel stacks investigation of the weldabilityT. Schade, R. M. Ramsayer, J. P. Bergmann
A material model for lamination stacks based on rough contactsV. Luchscheider, K. Willner, M. Maidorn


Here you will find an overview of all topics, which were presented at the 3nd International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC). The IEEE document can be found be clicking at the titel of the presentation.


Title of the presentation
Title of the presentationAuthors
Development of technological competence innovations in disruptive changes using the electric motor as an exampleA. Kampker, D. Wowreczko, P. Burggräf
Robot-based assembly of statorsA. Kühl, J. Franke
Magnetic properties of soft magnetic powder composites at higher frequencies in comparison with electrical steelsA. Schoppa, P. Delarbre, E. Holzmann, M. Sigl
Reliable packaging technologies for power electronics: Diffusion soldering and heavy copper wire bondingA. Syed Khaja, C. Kaestle, J. Franke
A novel positioning tolerant inductive power transfer systemC. Joffe, S. Ditze, A. Roßkopf
Charging infrastructure for shared use of electric vehicles in an urban areaD. Borrmann, F. Rothfuss, M. Dangelmaier
Proactive quality control system for defect reduction in the production of electric drivesD. Coupek, A. Verl, J. Aichele, M. Colledani
Automated magnet assembly for large PM synchronous machines with integrated permanent magnetsE. Joseph, J. Tremel, B. Hofmann, A. Meyer, J. Franke, S. Eschrich
Design and commissioning of a low voltage 25 kw PMSM traction driveF. Endert, A. Möckel, T. Heidrich, U. Schwalbe, S. D. Ivanov, T. Szalai
Flexible automation for the production of contactless power transfer systems for electric vehiclesF. Risch, S. Guenther, B. Bickel, J. Franke
Material based process model for linear noncircular coil winding processes with large wire gauge: Investigation of wire material influences on the winding process and compensation approachesF. S. Blanc, E. Ruprecht, J. Fleischer
Potential for standardization and guidelines of product and production features of electric drives: Aggregation of survey results for possible electric drive standardization featuresF. S. Blanc, E. Ruprecht, J. Fleischer, M. Doppelbauer
High-performance and highly efficient electric wheel hub drive in automotive designG. Freitag, M. Klöpzig, K. Schleicher, M. Wilke, M. Schramm
Assessment of lamination stack productionG. Lanza, J. Stoll, A. Krämer
Parallel decomposition for safety-critical systemsG. Uygur, S. M. Sattler
Robustness analysis of position observers for permanent magnet synchronous motors vis-a-vis rotor saliencyH. Pillai, R. Ortega, M. Hernandez-Gomez, T. Devos, F. Malrait
Optimized handling of permanent magnets within the mass production of electric traction drivesH. Schilp, P. Schlag, M. Kohnhäuser
Structural mechanic finite element analysis of the bend and torsion behavior of high-voltage cablesJ. Bönig, M. Spahr, C. Fischer, J. Franke
Flexible mass production concept for segmented BLDC statorsJ. Brettschneider, R. Spitzner, R. Boehm
Inductive power supply for heavy rail vehiclesJ. Winter, S. Mayer, S. Kaimer, P. Seitz, J. Pagenkopf, S. Streit
Improvement of the magnetic properties of injection molded polymer bonded magnetsK. H. Kurth, D. Drummer
Automated magnetic inspection of permanent magnet rotorsK. Vervaeke
Wireless energy transmission construction kitL. J. Berger, A. Grewing, K. M. Kracht, S. Wessel, M. Wiegand
Iron loss modelling which includes the impact of punching applied to high-efficiency induction machinesL. Vandenbossche, S. Jacobs, X. Jannot, M. McClelland, J. Saint-Michel, E. Attrazic
Characterization of magnetic actuators by measuring of magnetic stray fields with GMR-sensorsM. Brela, N. Kassim, J. Franke
Comparison of counting algorithms and empiric lifetime models to analyze the load-profile of an IGBT power module in a hybrid carM. Denk, M. Bakran
Laser applications in battery production — From cutting foils to welding the caseM. Kirchhoff
Impact of impregnating materials and impregnating processes on the partial discharge resistance of low voltage electrical machinesM. Kuschnerus, A. Gebert
Aerosol jet printing and lightweight power electronics for dielectric elastomer actuatorsM. Landgraf, S. Reitelshöfer, J. Franke, M. Hedges
New conceptual lightweight design approaches for integrated manufacturing processes: Influence of alternative materials on the process chain of electric motor manufacturingM. Peter, J. Fleischer, F. S. Blanc, J. Jastrzembski
Optimization of analytical iron loss approaches for electrical machinesM. Reinlein, T. Hubert, A. Hoffmann, A. Kremser
Effects and advantages of high-strength non grain oriented (NGO) electrical steel for traction drivesM. Tietz, F. Herget, G. von Pfingsten, S. Steentjes, K. Telger, K. Hameyer
Method for quality parameter identification and classification in battery cell production quality planning of complex production chains for battery cellsM. Westermeier, G. Reinhart, T. Zeilinger
Wireless charging for electric vehicle with microwavesN. Shinohara, Y. Kubo, H. Tonomura
Electrical drivetrain without rare earth magnets and integrated inverter with inherent redundancyP. Brockerhoff, T. Ehlgen, Y. Burkhardt, P. Lucas
A modular framework for evaluation of electrical machine production costsP. Fyhr, M. Andersson, J. E. Stahl
Modeling of a three-phase inductive power transfer system in phasor domain for fast simulationR. Arnold, P. Gratzfeld
Design of safe assembly processes for live working in traction battery series productionR. R. Ranzinger
A new he core transmitter of a contactless power transfer system that is compatible with circular core receivers and H-shaped core receiversR. Shimizu, Y. Kaneko, S. Abe
Localized investigation of magnetic bulk property deterioration of electrical steel: Analysing magnetic property drop thorough mechanical and laser cutting of electrical steel laminations using neutron grating interferometryR. Siebert, A. Wetzig, E. Beyer, B. Betz, C. Grünzweig, E. Lehmann
Highly dynamic highly integrated magnetoresistive current sensors for electromobility applicationsR. Slatter, S. Scherner
Electro mobility: Innovative training methods in respect of production orientated qualifications of high voltage energy storageS. Fink, A. C. Bullinger, J. Schmidt
Analysis of sensor parameter characteristics and digital control on the electric drive's performanceS. Gradev, P. Brockerhoff, K. Kapser, D. Nugraha, R. Vuletic
Hydropneumatic storage technology for hybrid passenger carsS. Wohlgemuth, G. Wachtmeister
Disassembly strategies for recovering valuable magnet material of electric drivesT. Klier, F. Risch, J. Franke
Extending a traffic simulation tool for the evaluation of novel charging infrastructuresT. Kurczveil, E. Schnieder
Identification and positioning system for inductive charging systemsT. Loewel, C. Lange, F. Noack
Development of a contact and a material model of laminated stacksV. Luchscheider, K. Willner, M. Maidorn

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