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The 12th E|DPC Conference 2022 will take place as a hybrid event from November 29 – 30, 2022 in Regensburg and online.

Virtual conference

We use the Hopin tool for our virtual events. For your better orientation, you will find a general description of how our events are structured here. We have also compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions for you.

Structure of our virtual conferences

An event consists of five different areas:

Reception is the virtual reception hall. This is where you will find general information about the event, the agenda, the speakers and our partners. All other areas featuring in the event are located on the left-hand side. If an area is marked “live”, the event is currently taking place in this area, according to the agenda.

The stage is the main platform of the event and this is where you can follow all the live lectures.

Forums are different rooms, some of which are live parallel to the stage. Here, for example, speakers are available to answer your questions after their presentation. Depending on the event, this is where you will also find various offers during the lunch break.

Under Networks you are able to participate in speed dating with other available participants. You have 3 minutes each to exchange information and share your business cards with one another via the “Connect” button. An exchange of contact data will only take place if both persons click on Connect. The allocation of people is random, and you will only be connected once with each person.
You will then find the business cards that have been exchanged in your account under Connections.

In order to be able to use networking in a meaningful way, you are welcome to expand your own profile. To do this, go to your account in the top right-hand corner and then to Profiles. There you can link your LinkedIn profile or add a photo, for example.

Under Exhibition you will find all sponsors and exhibitors of the event. Please visit their booth and contact them.

Additional functions

On the right-hand side you will also find various tabs:

Chats – there are several chats within the event.

The Event Chat is the global chat of the event, where all participants are able to communicate with one another. Everyone can see all comments – the organisers’ comments are highlighted. In addition, each session and Expo booth has an extra chat. Only those people who are currently in the respective area may see what is being posted. There is also a chat in the networking area, which only you and your current networking partner can see. Here you may also exchange e-mail addresses with each other, for instance. If you see a chat marked with an orange dot, it means that there are new comments.

Participants or direct messages – anyone can send personal messages to another participant. Click on a profile in the Participants tab and then send a message or invite the person to a private video conversation.

Under Surveys you will find surveys which you are welcome to participate in. Here too, an orange dot means that a new survey has been posted.


Which browser is the most suitable?

It is best to use Chrome or Firefox. With other browsers, you may still encounter problems occasionally.

Why can I not participate in a certain forum?

In the case of a moderated forum, the moderator must grant access to you first, which may result in a short waiting period. If this is not the case, please check that you have permitted the browser to accept Hopin access to your camera and microphone. Otherwise try reloading the website, this will often solve the problem. 

I get a 404 / 500 error message – What can I do?

If you encounter one of these error messages, please try the following: Restart your browser. Reload the browser. Log out of your Hopin account and log in again. Restart your computer. If none of this works, contact Hopin Support or the Chat.

Am I able to participate in the event from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use a mobile device to participate in the event. However, it will work best via a laptop/PC.

I have audio/video problems

Normally the tool will ask you which audio and video settings you want to use. You may try to select a different device. If this does not work or you are not asked for the settings at all, it may be because you have to grant Hopin access to your devices in the browser first. In Chrome, you can adjust this under settings in privacy and security / site settings.